CryptoAPI: Blockchain API as a Service (BaaS)

Simple yet powerful BaaS solution that allows scalable API access of dApps to blockchain networks with 0% commission

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What is CryptoApi?

CryptoApi is simple yet powerful. It provides instant and scalable API access of your dApp to blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Echo, Klay, Litecoin, etc.

Why CryptoApi?
CryptoAPI allows you to
Get comprehensive info on an address
Review token transaction details
Get blockchain and block information
Create & check wallets, balances, addresses, contracts
Create a transaction
No need to worry about
Additional server and infrastructure expenses
Regular updates of the code & libs
Managing a dedicated team of developers to keep blockchain up to date
Token transaction details
CryptoApi is Easy to Integrate
/* Example CommonJS */
const cryptoapi = require('cryptoapi-lib');
const crypto = new cryptoapi.Client('YOUR-API-KEY');
const result = await crypto.api.eth.getNetworkInfo();, (event) => { console.log(event); });      

/* Example ES Module */

import { Client } from 'cryptoapi-lib';
const crypto = new Client('YOUR-API-KEY');
const result = await crypto.api.eth.getNetworkInfo();, (event) => { console.log(event); });
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CryptoApi vs Infura
Get block info++ Infura's implementation comes down to getting a block by its ID or hash. CryptoApi, on the other hand, adds the possibility to instantly get a list of blocks by interval ID.
Get transactions++Infura only allows getting transactions by block ID or transaction hash. So there is no possibility to enable even basic functionality such as displaying account transaction history. CryptoApi provides better UX and the functionality to filter transactions by sender and recipient, and limit results by page to increase response speeds.
Get address ETH balance++Both solutions offer this
Get smart contract information++Both solutions offer this
Broadcast raw transaction++Both solutions offer this
Get address transaction history+-Since a regular Ethereum node does not allow extracting information on user transactions directly from the chain, Infura does not support this as well. With CryptoApi, however, you can fetch transaction data and easily find the details you need using advanced filtering functionality.
Get address ERC20 token balances and transfer history+-CryptoApi indexes user balances in tokens and their transaction history and allows you to easily interact with this data using convenient UI
Get smart contract internal transactions+-Since 'trace transaction' isn't supported by Infura, there is no way you can get the internal contract calls. This blocks user from receiving information on contracts created by other contracts and, more importantly, on any of the contract's Eth transfers to other addresses.
WebSocket subscriptions++CryptoApi's UI is more advanced, featuring subscritions to changes in account balances, token balances and account's transactions.
WebHooks+-Webhooks enable implementation of servers without the need to have a permanent connection to the node and monitoring each block. The 'get hook history' method helps avoiding issues with missed calls regardless of server availability.
Firebase push notifications+-This allows to implement mobile apps without having to set up your servers and still support push notifications.
Account wallet support--Similar to Infura, CryptoApi leaves account and private key management to the user with the possibility to integrate with or use third-party services.